Maribor, Slovenia

Maribor is a city in Styria in the Republic of Slovenia. With 96,000 permanent residents (2022; around 120,000 in the urban area)[cite source], it is the second largest Slovenian city and the seat of the Municipality of Maribor. The city is the informal capital of Slovenska Štajerska and is considered the economic, financial, administrative, educational, cultural, health, trade and tourist center of the entire northeastern Slovenia. It is the center of the Podravska Statistical Region and the Eastern Cohesion Region. Maribor is home to the second largest and second oldest Slovenian university, the University of Maribor (founded in 1975) and one of the two Roman Catholic archdiocese and metropolises on the territory of Slovenia, as well as the Maribor Administrative Unit and one of the four higher courts in Slovenia. Maribor has the second University Clinical Center in the country, now with a special emergency center. It also boasts the second largest international airport (Edvard Rusjan Airport) in the country.

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