River Drava in Slovenja vas, Slovenia

River Drava originates on the northern side of the Neunerkogel hill (Cima Nove Dobbiaco, 2642 m) on the southern edge of the Toblaško field, southwest of the town of San Candido (German: Innichen). Passing the small town, it flows eastward along the wide, glacially transformed Pustrich Valley, after a few kilometers it enters Austria and continues its journey through East Tyrol to the town of Lienz, where it meets the first major tributary of the Isel on the left. From here on, it flows through the valley between the Kreuzeck mountains in the north and the Ziel Alps in the south, at Sachsenburg it enters a wider valley, where it receives a strong left tributary of the Möll from below the Großglockner and turns southeast past Špital.

Slovenja vas is a village in the Municipality of Hajdina, located on the terrace of the Drava River along the Maribor-Ptuj road, closer to the eastern border of the Drava Field. Fields spread around the village. The drainage channel of the Zlatoličje HPP is laid under the village. The population is mixed, workers and farmers.

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